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Krita themes

16 july 2012

A small post to share the colors themes I did for the new feature of the next Krita 2.5 : changing the color theme on the fly. 

It's an advantage while painting to not get surrounded by a too bright user interface or get influenced by teinted warm or cold grey user interfaces. It's also confortable to have many choice and switch them according to your mood or type of work you need to do. ( ex: bright interface for line art or sketching , mid grey for precise color works , dark for late night working ...etc...  ). 

Download : 
( CC-0 ressources , public domain )

To Install : 
Extract the archive, and put the *.colors files inside <your-user-name-home>/.kde/share/apps/color-schemes folder.

To use :
Open Krita, and go in the top menu to Settings > Themes , and select one of the 6 theme with the prefix 'Krita'. 

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1. nezumi

monday 30 july 2012, 01:57

Cant believe no one commented yet. Thank you - this makes Krita look very professional and modern. Sadly on Windows not all changes are supported (hope that it will change) but I am using one of them (50%) and it looks very cool.
monday 30 july 2012, 10:13

@nezumi : Hey Nezumi, thanks for the feedback. The themes has been commented, but on IRC channel of #krita , when I'm around. Now, those theme pack will be delivered by default with next 2.5 :-) so, I'm happy this ressources has been merged on the master branch. Thanks for the comment ( and sorry for the lake of new post lastly ; I'm sketching and testing too much :-D )

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3. nezumi

monday 30 july 2012, 13:11

I may have to start using irc again after years - I am really loving Krita experience and I want to make it better on Windows platform by actively reporting bugs (which I am doing at the moment). This software have a lot of stuff that photoshop doesn't! I just setup sweet 2 point perspective grid using ruler tool (person who made possible merging ends of different rulers is a genius :D), setup custom shortcut for hiding painting assistance and voila - got something that in photoshop I have to use layers for and then look for them to turn off visibility... Still missing some brushes I have in photoshop - need to take a closer look at brush creation in Krita (can photoshop brushes be used? Or maybe it is planned for the future?). In any case thank you for constant upload of new stuff! I will just check your brush pack for Krita now - maybe it has what I am missing a bit... See you around! Greetings from Mexico.

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4. Bionyte

tuesday 31 july 2012, 11:55

Hi David, Great themes :)

BUT I have a problem. My version of krita doesn't have the "Themes" under the "Settings" menu :P any idea what I'm doing wrong?

I'm running krita 2.4.0 on xubuntu 12.04
tuesday 31 july 2012, 12:55

@Bionyte : Hey , thats why I wrote in the article "for the new feature of the next Krita 2.5" , If you want to test it on the future Krita 2.5 , you must compile source for the moment. The release will come soon and hit the repo of 12.04 , I think.

@nezumi : Thats really good if you report bug on the Windows version :) very good help to 'iron' this version. I also like using rulers as perspective guide ^ ^ I used it a lot on Mango 'Tears of Steel' concept art.

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6. Bionyte

tuesday 31 july 2012, 13:09

Oops! I must of misread that:P
Understood, I'll wait for the 2.5 repo release. Many thanks!:)

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thursday 09 august 2012, 02:27

Thank you for the themes! It's helpfull specially for new users who don't know or care what the heck a Wounton Soup is (:
Do you think the default theme will be one of the dark ones? Because, you know, it just looks more pro.
thursday 09 august 2012, 09:52

@Yuri Fidélis : Hey, thanks for the feedback. I think the default one will stay the 'system' one by default. May be for Windows user a darker one will make sens.

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9. tolga

saturday 11 august 2012, 02:00

Thank you for your work and for sharing! Incredible, what you already have done for the Linux / MyPaint / Krita / GIMP community. Please also keep updating your artworks; your workflow and your style is very inspiring.

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10. Sheldon

friday 13 december 2013, 06:25

Krita-Darker is Awesome! Combined with Oxygen-Transparent it makes the KDE desktop look really good.

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